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What if every school had a scrap store?

I recently came across an article from The Atlantic covering the recent re-emergence of "adventure playgrounds" in the U.K. The concept, originally popularized in the 1940's, is the direct opposite of traditional playgrounds that dot suburban neighborhoods, with their plastic equipment and piles of wood chips that encourage standard, structured … [Keep reading]


Marriage and State

Let me start by stating, I don't believe in gay marriage. In fact, I don't know if I believe in marriage at all. Well, to clarify, I don't believe in the word 'marriage'. Gay marriage has been back in the news lately as a result of midterm … [Keep reading]

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Lessons in event planning: Trust

Last weekend I planned an event that involved several artists. At the last minute, I had a majority of them cancel on me. While I still had enough artists to handle the event, I had to scramble to reorganize leading to a complete dissolution of the … [Keep reading]

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