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What if every school had a scrap store?

I recently came across an article from The Atlantic covering the recent re-emergence of "adventure playgrounds" in the U.K. The concept, originally popularized in the 1940's, is the direct opposite of traditional playgrounds that dot suburban neighborhoods, with their plastic equipment and piles of wood chips that encourage standard, structured … [Keep reading]


Life Away From Life

The hardest part about moving, is the people you leave behind. No matter how old you are, or how much to promise to keep in touch, inevitably, you're bound to lose touch with a few. I find it interesting how in a world of instantaneous communication, … [Keep reading]

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Taking Sides – PR vs. Journalism

Though I'm very proud to say I have a master's degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Mass Communication and Journalism, my field of public relations does not really have a place there. First of all, the school isn't willing to dedicate the time … [Keep reading]

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