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What if every school had a scrap store?

I recently came across an article from The Atlantic covering the recent re-emergence of "adventure playgrounds" in the U.K. The concept, originally popularized in the 1940's, is the direct opposite of traditional playgrounds that dot suburban neighborhoods, with their plastic equipment and piles of wood chips that encourage standard, structured … [Keep reading]


The Other Side of Disney

I am a huge fan of Disney, despite the fact that they are an entertainment oligarchy that is silently taking over the world. However, I'm not the type of fan that dislikes seeing the giant taken down a notch or two now and then. Here are my favorite … [Keep reading]

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One of my coworkers has the following phrase taped under her monitor (paraphrased): "Be kind to others. You never know what battle, big or small, they may be fighting" Some say compassion is what sets us apart from the animals. More so, compassion … [Keep reading]

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