Some Things Never Leave Us

As with every generation, there are a few monumental moments that become shared experiences among the members of that demographic—those days we all remember where we were, and what the event meant to us. For my grandparents, the crash of 1929 and Pearl Harbor; for my parents, the moon landing, Nixon's resignation. For my generation, the "somewhere in between Gen X and Millennial", there's the … [Read more...]

Celebrity Interactions In the Modern Age

This weekend, I happened upon this gem of a video clip, starring Kirsten Dunst. ASPIRATIONAL from Matthew Frost on Vimeo. I studied aboard in London during the summer of 2004. Being a major hub for Europe, most major films would hold premieres in Piccadilly Square, not far from where I lived. My fellow students and I would head straight from our internships to the big theaters, pushing … [Read more...]

Nothing to fear except fear itself…and me.

As a teacher, there are many skills one must acquire to survive the madness that is public education. Thick skin and eyes in the back of your head are a few, but no skill is as infamous as the “teacher voice.” Even as adults, most people cringe when they hear that tone—low, slow and with a hint of ice. It’s an art form to achieve the perfect mix of severity and mystery…a tone that stirs fear in … [Read more...]