Generation Flux

Confuse akkittangala

Confuse akkittangala (Photo credit: Beni Ishaque Luthor)

A lot of publications have been trying to understand the changing nature of today’s job market and the impact it has on the younger generations. Most paint a fairly dim picture – degrees that mean nothing, skills left untaught, high unemployment – essentially a generation wandering around, looking at the sky for an answer.

When I saw the chosen topic for Fast Company’s January issue of this year – ‘Generation Flux‘ – I put off reading the issue for a while. Even though it is my favorite magazine, I just didn’t want another reminder of the insecurity and fear that creeps into nearly every day.

Of course, I never should have doubted Fast Company’s ability to find the unique and innovative. The issue focused on leaders under 40 who were changing their industries. What surprised me was they were not all entrepreneurs. Many were staff of larger corporations (Microsoft, Greylock Partners, etc). The thread tying them all together were the strange paths they took to get there.

And their message – ‘Be not afraid’.

The ones who are optimistic and embrace change are the ones that will survive and forge new realities. I want to get there, but I’m finding ‘the Flux’ gets to me more and more these days. Blind leaps of faith are hard and the payoff is unknown. How can we support one another?

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