Life Away From Life

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The hardest part about moving, is the people you leave behind. No matter how old you are, or how much to promise to keep in touch, inevitably, you’re bound to lose touch with a few. I find it interesting how in a world of instantaneous communication, global networks, the Internet and universal satellites that people still manage, to lose touch. What is the root cause then?

As a former communications major, my mind searches for an answer. Maybe it is not the accessibility or variety of options, but instead the simple, yet complex, human mind.

I’ll admit, I have consciously┬ámade the decision to lose touch with certain individuals…ex-boyfriends, rough friendships, uncomfortable acquaintances. But I cannot claim that I do the same for all others. Does my mind simply become wrapped up in the present and forgets to remember the past? I feel that it comes in waves, overwhelming my emotions with guilt from time to time. I wish that I had called her more often or sent him an email. So simple, so quick, yet the mind lets the thought slip through, like sand. Distance does create distance. Which makes me wonder how many I have lost having lived in six different residences in five years. It comes down to necessity and time. You can’t be everywhere at once, you don’t have time for visits, you need to prioritize.

An interesting point was raised the other day. If I had moved to an area with friends already established, would I have made additional bonds? Would my dear affianced couple have become such a large part of my social circle?

Add it to the “What if..” page of life.

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  1. The beauty of true friendship is that there are always some people with whom you can reconnect and slip right back into the way things were (or you find that your friendship is that much stronger). Remember, relationships are a two-way street. It takes some give-and-take from both sides.