Oil, Bloody Oil

The scariest thing happened on the way to work this morning. I got in my little Ford, left around 7:30am, as usual. Upon starting the car, I turned the radio to NPR, also per usual. As I pulled out onto Indian School Road and floored the gas pedal in order to pass all the annoying traffic, a story came on about a Senate hearing scolding the the top five oil company executives.

The story made me think about how much I’ve spent on gas in the last three weeks, somewhere around $60-$70 I think. Than that made me think about how I could be riding to work on my bike every morning, saving money, saving the environment and saving me the trouble of having to find time in the 100 degree afternoon heat to work out. Then, it hit. I felt guilty for driving MY car. GUILTY! I fing love driving! I need to drive!

This realization led me back to the story and the futility of what these Senators are trying to do. I’ll try not to go off on a conspiracy theory (too much), but it’s really a hoax. The oil lobby is the most powerful and well funded in the history of government. The military, World Bank and plain imperialism never came close to the level of influence these players have. I’d guess anywhere from 80%-90% of political campaigns have some ties, even small and indirectly, to big oil. Constituents are making a fuss and media outlets coverage is extensive, so these politicians put on a show. Sadly, I can’t even blame this whole thing on our current President either. No matter who comes into office next, Democrat, Republican, or plate of broccoli, they will fall prey to the oil lobby as well. It’s not their fault. We as a public DO demand oil and as long as we keep buying it, these guys can afford to keep paying other people to defend their interests.

I’m not trying to be a hypocrite here and say I’m not one of the masses. I buy gas. I drive my car. What I’m suggesting, rather hoping, is the media will stop making me feel bloody guilty for it and leave me to speed ridiculously down a highway if I so please!!

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  1. It’s not YOU who should feel guilty. It’s the damn oil companies who are making insane profits while trying to justify high gas prices. It’s also the damn idiots driving hummers and huge ass SUVs everywhere they go who should feel guilty.

    And, yes, you should still ride your bike to work a few days a week. Not because you feel guilty, but because it’s just so damn practical. 🙂