For weeks, I’ve been trying to put into words my experience working at Gangplank, but they seem to always escape me. Thankfully, someone else provided them for me.

Friday morning I was labeling desks, in order to move them more efficiently back Into place post-Desert Bloom Phoenix. As I walked around, one of Forty’s staff looked at me quite seriously and said, “You have the most random tasks to complete every day.”

There you have it…my job at Gangplank.

My role is fluid. I become whatever the organization requires – tour guide, den mother, hard-ass, ambassador and executor. I am helping build someone else’s vision, putting into action the endless ideas of our members.

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  1. We are eternally grateful to have you. Gangplank would not be able to grow up the way it has in the last few months without your help.

    How you put up with all of us is beyond me, but we are thankful!