The Other Side of Disney

I am a huge fan of Disney, despite the fact that they are an entertainment oligarchy that is silently taking over the world. However, I’m not the type of fan that dislikes seeing the giant taken down a notch or two now and then. Here are my favorite Disney jabs.

The Fallen Princess art series

These photos were taken by photographer Dina Goldstein. The idea came after seeing a few young girls begin to take an interest in princess fairytales. She began thinking about what the lives of these princesses may look like after “happily ever after”. Now while Disney can hardly by blamed for the original storylines, which are centuries old, they can definitely be blamed for the stereotypical body type that is featured in Dina’s work.

Pirate’s Booty: An ex-Jack Sparrow spills on life at the Magic Kingdom

I love, LOVE this article that was featured in LA Magainze in June of last year. It is actually saved in my gmail “Important stuff” folder because I refer to it so often. A former Disney cast member discusses the behind the scenes world as Jack Sparrow. Disney is usually very good at keeping the lid on cast member life, but this piece is brutal. It makes me thankful that I turned down the offer from Disney to work as a cast member as part of their semester internship program.

DisneyWar by James B. Stewart

I read this book during Spring Break 05′. Yes, I dragged a hard cover book with me on vacation because it was just that good. Anyone interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes on the Katzenberg break-up, Pixar’s love-hate relationship and, the best part, Eisner’s breakdown and eventual resignation, should read this book. Things at the “happiest place on Earth” are not always so happy =)

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  1. What a fantastic idea for an art project the “fallen princess” is truly inspirational.

  2. fallen princess photos are full of awesome 🙂

  3. Amanda K. says:

    I recall some point on the way back you started telling us a bit about DisneyWar. I think at some point you had read something you had to share. I feel it was somewhere between Georgia and Tennessee. Maybe.